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Because manning up, toughing it out or suffering in silence are not your only options

A confidential, non-judgemental space where you can SHARE WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND

Anger, sadness, frustration, isolation, confusion, hopelessness, feeling like a failure…

When emotions like these show up in your life, you can feel like you’re alone in the world; overwhelmed, helpless or without purpose and direction.

I can help you create a strategy for navigating challenges with confidence and develop your own emotional toolkit for building stronger, more fulfilling relationships with those around you, as well as improving the quality of your life on every level.

You deserve to feel good about who you are and what you do; to thrive and be extraordinary. You deserve to feel the passion and power within you that can set your life alight. As your personal coach, I’ll hand you the matches.


Address fears of disappointing others, being judged or failing those you love.

Build strong, healthy, passionate relationships

Stop being ‘the good guy’ at the expense of yourself.

Move through feelings of despair, powerlessness and isolation.

Express and transform anger and frustration into resolution, clarity and purpose.

Go beyond ‘Men should be…’ stereotypes to define for yourself what makes a great man.

I honestly feel that I have developed more as a person in the sessions with Olivia than in any other programme that I have undertaken.
— Ian, Managing Director.