About me

Did you know that in 2017, 75% of suicide victims in the UK were men? And more than that, it’s been this way for over two decades, since the mid 1990s...

Around that time, I was studying English at Loughborough Uni; one of the few people wearing neither a lab coat nor a purple tracksuit…


Back then, there was a 7:1 male to female ratio amongst the students and I discovered how much I enjoy the polarity of working alongside men. I love the ease of the banter, have deep respect for the messing about and get a real buzz from male energy and presence, so engagingly different from my own. I didn’t know then that, about 20 years later, I’d be working only with men: smart, successful professionals whose personal life is falling short of all that they’ve achieved; men who want to realise their full potential in every aspect of their life.

I’ve devoted myself to exploring what allows us to thrive and not just survive in this world, together and as individuals: a process involving a lot of travel and good strong tea.

I trained as a NLP Master Practitioner and then took the Urban Tantra Professional Training, which deepened my experience of sexuality and relationships, presence and mindfulness.

I see the challenges that cultural expectations, #metoo and the female empowerment movement lay on the doorstep of masculinity. 

What does it mean to be a 21st-century man in the most positive and powerful way? 

I believe we’re not here to be tamed by the world, but to embrace our natural wildness as a part of it.

Your body – that feeling, moving, sensing, sexual, human animal part – has a hundred stories to tell you about what you need in life to be happy and successful – in your own terms, not anyone else’s.

Men and women face very different challenges. One experience does not negate the validity of the other. 

However, in times of crisis, change and upheaval, men have far fewer places to turn. While women have close and active networks of friends and emotional connections, the support for men is often inadequate or lacking, making feelings of isolation, confusion and uncomfortable vulnerability much more likely.

Life coaching is the WD-40 solution to getting your life on track; helping you harness your own power for transformation and ensuring everything gets put back together in a way that works brilliantly for you. 

This is what I offer.

If you need someone who’s got your back and can help you lay the foundations of a life with real meaning, purpose and connection, let’s talk.