What to expect

You may have experienced coaching or mentoring at work; life coaching is not dissimilar.

However, everyone goes about their business in different ways. This is what I’m committed to offering you as my client…

I won’t tell you what to do. If all I give you is a list of instructions, how can you take the credit for your success? I’m interested in helping you create your own unique path through life: one that you can walk with confidence, integrity and authenticity.

My promise is to stand beside you on your journey.

I will listen – carefully and without judgement – and ask questions that help you dig deeper. I might also share thoughts that come to me as you speak or experiences that might be relevant, which you can choose to take on board or not.

Our time is dedicated to shaping you a future that excites, inspires and motivates you: a future you feel at home in, that turns your mojo up to ten and supports you in becoming the man you want to be.

Recalling events or situations from the past may be relevant to your journey – for example it may provide the answers to why you behave in a certain way or have a particular belief about yourself or other people. However, the main focus in life coaching is on now and the future.

Our sessions are based around conversation, although if we’re working face to face, I may also draw on other models within my experience that involve non-intimate touch – for example a hand on your shoulder. I will always ask for your consent before there is any kind of physical contact and will always respect your and my own boundaries around this.

Your emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual self are all welcome in this life coaching context. How much of each of those you choose to focus on and how deeply is entirely up to you. I’m committed to offering you a safe environment within which to explore. However, my invitation to you is to be brave.

We meet as equals, with mutual respect. My role and our relationship in the coaching room and outside while we’re working together will always be purely professional. However, I coach with a big heart and plenty of warmth and compassion. Humour too, when it’s appropriate.

Trust the process. When you start focussing on pleasure, ease and happiness, what often come up are all the obstacles to you having those experiences – the fears, resentments and resistance – and this can be challenging. You may feel like walking out, disengaging or giving up. You may feel angry or frustrated. Try not to judge yourself or the situation. Instead, take a few deep breaths and ask: What do I have to gain by sticking with this and getting beyond the discomfort?

I’m not a healthcare professional and if I feel instinctively that you need more support than I can offer – for example seeing a doctor or psychotherapist – I will discuss this with you.

I won’t repeat anything you tell me to anyone else – unless I’m legally required to do so or I believe you’re a genuine risk to yourself or others. It’s unlikely that our confidentiality agreement will need to be broken, but if that happens, as appropriate, we’ll talk about why and what that will involve.

Still have questions?

Get in touch and we can arrange a time to talk. Or simply stay in touch by signing up to my regular, but not too frequent emails. Add your details below and I’ll keep you posted about future offerings.